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Month: November 2018

My Identity Crisis

In an earlier life, I worked for a major corporation that seemed intent on becoming a minor corporation. As they slid down the charts in numerous rankings, I decided I would try something different before I went down the tubes along with the stock price. While I was serving my sentence in Corporate America, there was always someone to hand me a new box of business cards every time there was a change in my job title, division name, office address or the font used for the corporate logo. My parents…

I’ll Write My Own Reviews

I have a poor memory for some things but a really good memory for obscure items. In this case, the obscure item is a song on an album from 1975. See if you can follow me as I go down this particular rabbit hole. If you chose not to follow me or are a believer in TLDR then just scroll down to the Youtube video and give it a listen. — We live in an age where people do not choose a restaurant for dinner or a landscape company or…

Advise for Writers

Last year I wrote a book entitled Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters. The reception it received exceeded my wildest dreams as it was picked up by readers in the thousandths.  That left me with a dilemma. How could I follow up on this success? Having written the definitive book on humorous holiday letters, what was the next mountain I could scale? Was I to be yet another writer who peaked early and failed to capitalize on an easily earned ascent to the top? Had I scaled the cliff…

Pre-Black-Friday Sale

The paperback version of Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters is for sale on at a special price. Get one for every person on your Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice list. In the event of a zombie or any other apocalypse, the paperback version is as edible as the fruitcake you sent your relatives last year. You can gift the Kindle ebook as well but it has no nutritional value.