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I wanted to get a picture of all of my fan, but she was not available in time for the deadline on this page. In the place of her picture, I thought this nice shot would give you the impression that a multitude of rich folks are fans of this site. I remember hearing somewhere that to present an image of inclusiveness, pictures on a website should not be limited to people of a single color. As you can see, in its original form, this picture was printed in both black & white. So I think I have the inclusiveness thing covered.

But this page is not about me, it is about a few of the other sites that I find worth reading. I’ll list them with a brief explanation and provide a few reasons that you too should visit them.


SciFiChick is primarily a site with reviews of Science Fiction, and Fantasy books along with lots of TV shows, movies, and assorted media. Lots of media. The SciFiChick is a voracious reader and consumer of video. She has enough contacts in the industry that she has been invited on the set to interview the casts of a number of shows. This is on top of the author interviews she posts. Through it all, you do not just get her opinions (though they are worth reading) but you gain insights into the artists’ creative process and work.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am related to the eponymous SciFiChick though I am sure she wishes this were not so.

In any case, accept no cheap imitation. Go only to the one and only


In the last several years, I have moved from dreaming about writing a book “someday” to finally putting enough words together to get one up on While I try to avoid having too many regrets in life, I do wish I had encountered George Weinstein and his work years before I did. George is a masterful storyteller and a talented wordsmith. I have learned a great deal from reading his prose and from hearing him discuss the work of other writers. He has five books in print at this time. While I have not read them all, I feel safe in giving each one a recommendation based on what I have read. If you have any interest in writing or reading, take a look at


If you are looking for a writer, a musician, or someone who can write about musicians, check out Mike Shaw at his website( While we are waiting for his debut novel, A LIFE IN TIME, read this blog post, THE SERIAL COMMA: IS IT A CRIME?  Then you can explain it to me because I still struggle with where to put commas and what in the heck a gerund is. Until recently, I thought it was a small animal.


As a writer, he counts more than 12,000 published articles, from investigative pieces adopted by 60 Minutes and ABC 20/20 to ghostwritten articles, white papers and blogs for C-suite executives.