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When not engaged in writing the occasional post for this eponymous site, I have been known to add items to two other sites. These other websites are home to two companies of my own creation. This is not to say they are imaginary but it is not to say they are not.


The first is NotQuiteProfitable.com which attempts to use corporate memos and press releases to provide an honest view of a modern corporation. You might not be familiar with this since no existing corporation does this. I like to break new ground.

The company name is derived from the fact that it is almost but not quite a profitable enterprise. In this case, “almost” can be interpreted as there is no chance in hell we will ever turn a profit since our revenue stream cannot even be called a trickle.

It should be noted that I am willing to sell all rights to NotQuiteProfitable.com for the right price to anyone looking for a handy shell corporation to advance their nefarious plans.


The second site, NotQuiteNews.com, was created so that I could bring the same keen wit and insight to journalism as I did for corporate America. I like to think that this site was fake news before fake news was a thing. If only I had had the foresight to trademark that phrase, I would not be sitting here right now. Some intern would be in my place while I would be somewhere on a yacht trying to act cool around a bunch of people I barely know. Maybe I should be thankful that I did not have the foresight to trademark “fake news.”


You might see a trend here in my labeling everything “Not Quite” something. You may think it is my lack of originality. I prefer to think of it as a) a running joke or b) good branding. Which one I think of varies day by day.