My Complete Title

Although I came to the “Game of Thrones” scene late, a quick summer of binge-watching got me up to speed. It was at that point that I decided that it would be appropriate to have my own list of titles for one of my underlings to rattle off as I enter the hall. As a result, from this point forward you shall refer to me in the following manner…

Charles Storla of the House Storla, the Second of His Name, The Sunburnt, Duke of Earl, the Average and the First Mean, King of Vinland, Son of the Great Grass Prairie, Pocket Protector of the Realm, Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms (give or take a Kingdom), Breaker of Chain-Letters and Father of Three.

Also known as “Charles the Corn-Palace-Week-born” due to the timing of my birth, but my friends can call me Chuck.


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