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Passive Voice Is Loved By Me

According to many so-called writing experts, using passive voice is a bad practice. Of course, according to the same writing experts, much of what you and I say every day are bad practices. The thing is, if you understand me and I understand you, then how bad can these practices be? They are not bad practices but they still really piss off some people, also known as the writing experts. I don’t even like calling them “writing experts” as that gives them some implied authority and dignity. I would refer…

Is There a Book Inside Me?

    I’ve often heard people ask, “Is there is a book inside me?”  Thankfully most people move on to other more important questions such as “What is for dinner?” In doing so, they avoid dealing with the challenges of authorship and the world is a safer and better place as a result. Given the two million new books published each year in this country, there are apparently a number of us not content to move on to dinner and insist on dealing with this thing we perceive growing inside.…

Zen Goes International

  Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters has gone international. Both the softcover (paperback) and ebook (Kindle) versions are available in Canada ( and the UK ( I am also happy to report that there has already been activity in the UK through the Kindle Unlimited program. Note: I am not responsible for any upset to the trade balance between our respective countries.

We’re in the Paper

Today a story ran in the Daily Republic newspaper and online covering the release of my book. For those of you just joining us, this is my hometown paper in Mitchell, South Dakota. I know it does not have the reach of a larger paper, but I am proud to have this mention in the paper I used to deliver. For you trivia buffs, I had a paper route for several years and delivered copies of the Daily Republic to customers on West 11th and 12th streets.

What’s Next?

Now that “Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters” is out in the wild, I am looking for my next literary adventure. If you have any suggestions for me, post them here or on my facebook page. This is your chance to influence the future. Speaking of Zen, it has begun to sell and the initial reviews are good. I would like to see more of both and hope I get my wish this Christmas. If you don’t have a copy, head over to Amazon and get one now.

Just In Time For The Holidays

This is an exciting day. My latest book is now available through Strictly speaking, it is my first and only book, but that also makes it my latest. It is available on Kindle now. Within a week it will also be available in paperback. It will make a great stocking stuffer for everyone you know. Except me, of course. I already have a copy. This book is a bit seasonal so help me by spreading the word for this Christmas season. Although the title is specific to Christmas, there…

Zen and the Art of the Christmas Letter

We are finally there. In just a few weeks, the eagerly anticipated* book, “Zen and the Art of the Christmas Letter” will arrive. I am sending out a handful of copies to lucky individuals who will provide some last-minute feedback. In the meantime, here are a few comments from early reviewers. EARLY REVIEWS for  “Zen and the Art of the Christmas Letter” “This is a book that I wish I could have written. It captures the spirit of Christmas much better than I managed.” – Charles Dickens “I envy the…

My Complete Title

Although I came to the “Game of Thrones” scene late, a quick summer of binge-watching got me up to speed. It was at that point that I decided that it would be appropriate to have my own list of titles for one of my underlings to rattle off as I enter the hall. As a result, from this point forward you shall refer to me in the following manner… Charles Storla of the House Storla, the Second of His Name, The Sunburnt, Duke of Earl, the Average and the First Mean, King of Vinland,…

Laugh and the World Laughs With You.

Cry and you are just a pain in the butt to be around. This website ( is primarily for me to post opinions, rants and miscellaneous essays that will make the world a better place.1)They will make the world a better place at a minimum by allowing me to vent about annoyances and then calm down. I also occasionally update two sites that exist just so that I can give a chuckle to two or three of my friends.2)Two or three friends also describes the total readership of said sites. The…