This really isn’t about us since I am the only one here. It is about me. The address should have given you your first clue. I said “us” because I am just following the common practice of adding an “About Us” page common to most sites that are usually connected to an organization of some type. An organization makes it appear that a site has more substantial backing than one driven by an individual. Then there is the fact that personal blogs tend to be really narcissistic and/or annoying. So let’s pretend that there is a big organization behind this site and not just me.

Or is the “us” you and me? That is assuming that you are not just an automated robot searching this site on behalf of Google, Yahoo or some Eastern Block hacker. If you are a bot then you will not catch any subtle hints so just go to the robots.txt where you belong.

If the “you” in “us” is a real person and you have hung on this long, then welcome to this site.

I am a bit worried about you, however. Why would you click on the link to this page? If you need an explanation to tell you what a site named “” is about, then you catch subtlety about as well as one of the bots in the last paragraph. Hit the back arrow on your browser now and it will just be our little secret.

That was rude of me. I’m sorry. You came here looking for information about me. It is only polite that I take you to the appropriate page now through this link.