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How To Live Forever

I stumbled across this collection of books last week. At that time, it was selling for $1.99. In the description, you can find this sample list of included books: The Bucket List Collection: Masterpieces You Should Read Before You Die: Leaves of Grass, Siddhartha, Dubliners, Les Misérables, Don Quixote, Art of War, Middlemarch, Swann’s Way… That is very much a sample as by my count there are 103 books included in this single Kindle file. The table of contents (which provides book titles as links and not individual chapters…

Pre-Black-Friday Sale

The paperback version of Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters is for sale on at a special price. Get one for every person on your Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice list. In the event of a zombie or any other apocalypse, the paperback version is as edible as the fruitcake you sent your relatives last year. You can gift the Kindle ebook as well but it has no nutritional value.

What’s Next?

Now that “Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters” is out in the wild, I am looking for my next literary adventure. If you have any suggestions for me, post them here or on my facebook page. This is your chance to influence the future. Speaking of Zen, it has begun to sell and the initial reviews are good. I would like to see more of both and hope I get my wish this Christmas. If you don’t have a copy, head over to Amazon and get one now.