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Category: Charles Storla

My Identity Crisis

In an earlier life, I worked for a major corporation that seemed intent on becoming a minor corporation. As they slid down the charts in numerous rankings, I decided I would try something different before I went down the tubes along with the stock price. While I was serving my sentence in Corporate America, there was always someone to hand me a new box of business cards every time there was a change in my job title, division name, office address or the font used for the corporate logo. My parents…

Zen Goes International

  Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters has gone international. Both the softcover (paperback) and ebook (Kindle) versions are available in Canada ( and the UK ( I am also happy to report that there has already been activity in the UK through the Kindle Unlimited program. Note: I am not responsible for any upset to the trade balance between our respective countries.

What’s Next?

Now that “Zen and the Art of Christmas Letters” is out in the wild, I am looking for my next literary adventure. If you have any suggestions for me, post them here or on my facebook page. This is your chance to influence the future. Speaking of Zen, it has begun to sell and the initial reviews are good. I would like to see more of both and hope I get my wish this Christmas. If you don’t have a copy, head over to Amazon and get one now.