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I thought I’d share my current Author Bio from From what I can tell, not many people read those on Amazon so maybe it will get more attention here.

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Chuck Storla began his writing career at an early age. He started with block letters and after mastering both upper and lowercase moved on to cursive. In addition to writing, he has been an avid reader of chapter books for much of his adult life.

After graduating from college, he ignored his muse once he saw her checks bounce because of insufficient funds. Instead, he joined a well-known and occasionally well-run computer manufacturer working as a systems engineer. While there, he eventually quit working altogether and became a manager. Upon leaving the corporate world, he rediscovered his inner artist. He also discovered the great thing about being a writer is that the barrier to entry is incredibly low.

As of this date, his works have been printed in dozens of fonts across the globe. While he doesn’t like to brag, he has given up on waiting for others to do it for him. If he were to brag, he would mention his short work of humorous fiction, “I Chat, Therefore I Am” was recognized as runner-up for the 2023 Terry Kay Prize for Fiction as well as making the Shortlist for the Letter Review Prize for Short Fiction (July–August 2023). Based on this, he now claims to be an Almost Award-Winning Writer.

You can learn more about the fascinating world of Chuck Storla at his eponymous website – chuckstorla dot com. He wanted to get the word “eponymous” in somewhere, and this was the last opportunity.

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