How To Live Forever

I stumbled across this collection of books last week. At that time, it was selling for $1.99. In the description, you can find this sample list of included books:

The Bucket List Collection: Masterpieces You Should Read Before You Die: Leaves of Grass, Siddhartha, Dubliners, Les Misérables, Don Quixote, Art of War, Middlemarch, Swann’s Way…

That is very much a sample as by my count there are 103 books included in this single Kindle file. The table of contents (which provides book titles as links and not individual chapters within works) goes on for six pages.

Included in this list are many of the books you know you should have read and never got to the point where you were that bored. Now you can carry them all with you on your tablet just in case you do get to that point. It can also come in handy when you want to impress the person next to you on the plane. You can bet they are not reading The Brothers Karamazov like you are pretending to.

Impressing your seatmate is a minor benefit, however. the key phrase is “Masterpieces You Should Read Before You Die.” If you can manage to hold off dying[1]This is on you. I know of no sure-fire method. until you have read everyone of these entries, you will certainly live forever. Even if you cannot manage to hold off dying by another hour, reading some of these classics will make you feel like each hour takes a lifetime. 


1 This is on you. I know of no sure-fire method.

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