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Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

August 2018

I know this looks like I have not read anything in the last year and a half. I actually have read a number of books and some of them were even quite good. It was not until reading Bad Blood though that I felt compelled to add this to my personal recommended list.

I had heard of the happenings at Theranos but I was not compelled to pick up a copy of this book until I encountered a friend who gave it a strong recommendation. To be specific, he told me to buy a copy, read it, and if I did not think it was worth the time, he would reimburse me for the price of the book. Even after a beer or two, I thought that was a strong endorsement so I did buy it, read it and then told him he was off the hook for the purchase price.

In short, this is a tale of Silicon Valley hubris, mixed with greed and more than a little naïveté. The reporter who broke the story gives the play by play with who said what to whom. Even though we know the end of the story, he does a good job of keeping our interest.


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